How To Place Your Child For Adoption

Thinking about placing your child in a loving adoptive home? That is one of the most loving decisions you could ever make. Consider this: adoption is a blessing for everyone involved. A blessing for the woman who may be in the middle of a crisis pregnancy; a blessing for the adoptive parents who may be struggling with infertility; and of course, a blessing to the child who needs a forever family. If you’re thinking about how to give your child up for adoption, you may also want to read this article.

Adoptive Parents

Searching for a loving family to place your child with? Don’t just go to the local newspaper to search for people to adopt your child. You won’t know if it is legitimate. Go to a legitimate source to find a couple to adopt your child, like Adoption.com.

As you go through the profiles, consider the location, values, and lifestyles of the prospective adoptive parents. Ask yourself, “Is this the type of family that I would like to raise my child?” Make a list of your top 10, then narrow it down from there. An adoption agency can help you to make a connection.

Adoption Agencies

An adoption agency is a place that can help you to find a loving home for your child. They can be the go-between for you and the adoptive family. You can limit the amount of information that the adoption agency gives to prospective adoptive families if you are concerned about confidentiality. Or they can set up a time and place to meet should you choose an open adoption. Making a good match for your child with a good, loving family is the key. If you would like to contact a reputable adoption agency, click here.


This is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Make it legal. Find a reputable attorney that specializes in adoption and custody cases. An adoption agency can also assist you in finding a lawyer. An attorney will protect your rights and make sure the legal process is followed correctly. Your attorney will present your needs and wants to the adoptive family and to a judge, who will review the case and make a decision. 

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights (TPR) is one of the things that an attorney will work on. TPR is the legal process through which a biological parent’s custodial and legal rights end and the adoptive parent’s rights begin. This means that the adoptive parents will now make legal, medical, and life choices for the child. This is a big decision and once the judge signs an adoption order, the birth parents’ part in the child’s life comes to an end. That does not mean that open adoption is not an option, though you won’t have any legal rights after TPR.

Adoption Agreements

An adoption agreement is a legal document, worked on by birth parents and adoptive parents, and signed by a judge in an open adoption. Birth parents are still involved in their child’s life in an open adoption. The adoption agreement outlines when, where, and by what means the contact is to take place between the child and the birth parents. For example, contact may be as simple as Christmas cards, once per year, with a photo of the child. Or contact can be as intense as phone calls once per month and supervised visits once per quarter. In some states, adoption agreements are enforceable, in others, they are not. The idea behind adoption agreements is that every child has the right to have a connection to their past. Everything that is done, is in the best interest of the child.

Choosing to place your child for adoption is one of the most loving things you can do for your child. It takes courage, planning, and humility.  Keep in mind, you are not “giving up,” you are planning a for your child. Your child will be thankful years later!

Are you considering placing a child for adoption? Do you want more choices with your adoption plan? Do you want to regain more control in your life? Visit Adoption.org or call 1-800-ADOPT-98. We can help you put together an adoption plan that best meets your needs.